Plazm #30 — "Born Again" 20th Anniversary issue shipping globally

Tons of great content including:
- David Lynch in conversation with Stephanie Snyder
- Corin Tucker
- Wangechi Mutu
- Bruce Sterling
- Erik Davis
- Sherry Turkle
- Zeloot
- Death by Cat
- Christina Seely
- Aurthur Bradford
- Kevin Sampsell
- Pull out poster by Dan Attoe

- Cover artist: Fang Lijun

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Founded in 1991 by Portland artists as a creative resource, today Plazm is an award-winning design firm led by creative director Joshua Berger. The annual Plazm magazine publishes challenging and innovative art, design, cultural, and literary works and is distributed worldwide.



Plazm #30 - the Rebirth Issue
Coming this spring. Featuring David Lynch, Bruce Sterling, Douglas Rushkoff, Wangetchi Mutu, Corin Tucker, Christina Seely, Erik Davis, Sherry Turkle, much more.
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The Plazm Collector's Box
21 remaining back issues of Plazm magazine packaged in a custom silkscreened box. Includes early Plazm handbills, flyers, posters, t-shirt, stickers. 199.00 - Add to cart


Plazm Design is an award-winning creative studio led by Plazm co-founder and Creative Director Joshua Berger. View recent projects below or a full portfolio here.
Portland Center Stage posters
A series of nine posters for Portland's premier theater company. Our second season in collaboration with PCS also included a rebrand of the theater.
Swanson Studios web site relaunch
Beautiful commercial photography. Check the sexy speed-variable slide show interface.
Cooley Gallery branding
Rebranding for the Douglas F. Cooley Gallery at Reed College
400-page book for ESPN
A hardcover coffee table book featuring the greatest moments in sport from the past quarter-century.
Nike Zoom media kit
Asian product launch package for full line of new Nike Zoom footwear.