Karynn Fish - Strategic Director

Karynn Fish

Strategic Director

Karynn Fish is an Oregon native and a co-founder of Plazm magazine. For twenty years, she has worked at the forefront of major social and political advances, ushering in an age of legal marijuana and marriage equality for all. She led communications for the Dispensary Program under the Oregon Health Authority and, later, for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s work with the recreational cannabis market. Previously, she acted as Communications Officer for George Soros’ Open Society Institute in New York and Communications Director for Basic Rights Oregon. Karynn designed and published the seminal book Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts by the late Lynn Zimmer and Dr. John P. Morgan, wrote extensively on drug policy for The Week Online, and produced the first-ever news radio program focused on drug policy and reform issues. With StopTheDrugWar.org, she was instrumental in the launch and success of the Higher Education Act Reform Campaign and its offshoot, Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Karynn was also a founding board member of the League of Young Voters. Karynn lives in Portland with her husband Adam, their beautiful son Elijah, and a very sweet but sometimes obstinate golden retriever named Brooklyn.