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stamp design

Plazm partner Niko Courtelis has collected stamps since he was a young boy and has designed official postage stamps for countries including Grenada, Sierra Leone, Tuvalu, and Zambia. He is writing a forthcoming book on Lance Wyman’s stamp designs; a few years ago he did a talk at The Curiosity Club called Stamps Ate My Brain, and Niko is the Chief Perforation Officer at The Portland Stamp Company, a new Plazm venture that revives a lost tradition: the poster stamp.

Design & print your own custom poster stamps: The Portland Stamp Company

The postage stamps are available here.

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Concorde: Grenada
Thank you stamps by The Portland Stamp Company to embellish correspondence.
Statue of Liberty: The Gambia
Sedan: Mustique (left), Queen Elizabeth II: Grenada (right)
Henry Ford: Palau
Titanic: Bequia (left), Peter Pan: Nevis (right)
Commemorative stamp for the Hand Eye Supply Curiosity Club.
Sedan: Mustique (left), Statue of Liberty: The Gambia (right)
Henry Ford: Palau
Trains: Gambia (left), Chess: Liberia (right)
Official Plazm stamp, edition of 50 given out at the Fort George Plazm Farmhouse Ale release party.
Harriet Tubman: Sierra Leone (left), Prince George: Tuvalu (right)
Trains: Togo (left), Orchids: Grenada (right)
London 2012: Sierra Leone
Peter Pan: Nevis

Bert & Ernie commemorate their union with poster stamps by The Portland Stamp Company.

Queen Elizabeth II: Grenada
Constellations: Zambia (left), Trains: Gambia (right)
Trains: Togo