Our Principals’ Principles:

Design is problem solving in a beautiful way.

We are enmeshed in aesthetics and often make beautiful things. But a surface-level approach to design would produce shallow solutions that don’t serve clients’ long-term interests. The beauty in Plazm’s design work arises from our commitment to a deeper understanding of strategic and branding concerns.


Stories connect people and enrich lives.

Every brand has a story to tell. Engaging with that story can be exhilarating, surprising, informative; it can put a smile on people’s faces or challenge them with tough questions. Plazm principals Josh and Niko bring an uncommon breadth of experience to creating narratives and helping others shape their own stories. In addition to their decades of client work, they have been recognized for their work in publishing and the fine arts, as curators, editors, educators, and artists. Our other collaborators bring a wealth of specialized knowledge and creative experience to the table.


Truth is the most powerful force in marketing.

Not snake oil. Not “innovation.” Not a few weeks’ worth of good social media metrics. Truth. The true core of a company is built on its people, products, services, and the impact it has on the world. Many businesses lose sight of their values during times of growth or transition. Their communications become less compelling, more fragmented, sometimes even desperate as they try to navigate their new phase. We have experience helping people and organizations center on their truth and communicate it with confidence and clarity.


What we do matters.

Every day, every person alive makes hundreds of decisions about how to invest their time, energy, and passion. We believe the work we do—and the work our clients do—can benefit our planet and the beings who live on it. Together with our clients, we make meaningful messages, pursue excellence in creative work, and embrace environmentally sustainable production practices.