niko courtelis, creative director, plazm

Niko Courtelis

Creative Director/Partner

Niko is a creative director, designer, and filmmaker. A contributor to Plazm magazine beginning with early issues, he co-founded Plazm’s design firm in 1995. After a long stint in New York, he’s delighted to be back in Portland and relaunch Plazm Design. He has taught at his alma mater, Pratt Institute, and currently teaches at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and Portland State University. A recipient of the One Show Pencil, Art Director’s Club Cube and Young Guns Award, Niko collects postage stamps, typewriters, and vintage perforating machines, and uses them to make artistamps, mail, and correspondence art. His books Philatelic Atrocities, and Iconic: The Postage Stamps of Lance Wyman, were published by Kat Ran Press, and his OnCreativity video series is soon to be serialized by Plazm magazine. He founded PDXCC, the Portland Correspondence Co-op. Niko has a daughter and a three-legged turtle.