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The Half-Life

Longtime Plazm editor Jon Raymond‘s stunning debut novel about two friendships separated by generations but bound together by a dark mystery. Signed copies of hardbound first edition.

First Cow, the 2020 film by Kelly Reichardt is a stellar display of cinematic mastery. It is also her latest collaboration with Plazm editor Jon Raymond, and is based on his first novel, The Half Life. Watch on demand now

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XXX: The Power of Sex in Contemporary Design

“Sex sells,” the cliché goes. But there’s much more to graphic design and sexuality. XXX explores visual communication systems with intelligent essays and lavish production. Gender issues, humor, romance, and the sex act itself—each subject is discussed by Plazm’s Sarah Dougher and fleshed out with images from leading designers.

Written, designed and curated by Joshua Berger and Sarah Dougher of Plazm, the book features a silkscreened rubber cover. It also inspired exhibitions at the Museum of Sex in New York and Western Oregon University.

Signed first edition.


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100 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers

Even the most talented graphic designer won’t get far without savvy business and promotional skills. In the demanding realm of client and project management, any number of things can go wrong, resulting in lost clients, botched projects, and even tarnished reputations.

Now graphic designers can access valuable professional advice that was previously only available through expensive and time-consuming workshops and conferences. 100 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers takes readers step-by-step through the entire design process—from landing a client to managing workflow and from in-house dynamics to fueling creativity and perfecting a final project. This book highlights proven systems and procedures that the world’s leading designers have used to produce quality work and happy clients—every time.

Straightforward and practical, this invaluable book allows designers to learn from the masters without leaving their studios. Some of the contributors include:

Art Chantry
Ed Fella
John C Jay
Zuzana Licko & Rudy Vanderlans—Emigre
Hideki Nakajima
Mark Randal & David Sterling—World Studio
Stephen Sagmeister
Todd Waterbury

Signed first edition

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Rain Dragon

Damon and his girlfriend Amy have had enough of Los Angeles. Fitful and tired and dreaming of a simpler life, they leave the city to go work on a community farm. But they’ve scarcely arrived when their vague hopes start to come unraveled: What are they really doing here? Who are their friends? Are they truly testing themselves, or are they just chasing a fantasy that will never be fulfilled?By degrees, they realize that their dreams are not the same. For Damon, a career in the field of branding unfolds almost effortlessly, while for Amy, the menial labor of the farm leads to a satisfying but difficult new path. As the rift deepens, they are forced to evaluate fundamental questions of identity and fate, ambition and betrayal, compromise and lust.

This novel is a fresh, searching story about the love of work and the work of love, and the life destinies that we sadly only recognize in retrospect.

“Raymond expertly captures the emotions of personal growth and inner turmoil while bringing the Oregon setting to life with descriptive language reminiscent of that in his first novel, The Half Life (2004). Deep characters offset by a light tone make this work about dreams and realities an enjoyable read.” —Booklist
“With sly humor, Raymond has a bit of fun with the overly virtuous life at an organic farm, revealing cracks in the too-perfect façade while portraying a waning relationship. [His] work deserves the spotlight and is highly recommended.” —Library Journal


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Movie poster for First Cow alongside cover of The Half Life, Plazm editor Jon Raymond's first novel which the Kelly Reichardt film is based.
Signed first edition with silkscreened rubber cover