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Naming, Strategy, Identity, Editorial, Packaging

Sometimes, a business needs to rebrand or rename before it can grow. Such was the case for Cultivator, an accelerator startup poised to radically alter the athletic shoe marketplace. Their new round of funding secured, they needed to jettison their old name for legal reasons, and go deep into a strategically based, creatively robust branding process. 

The company’s relationship with Nike, which makes the sneakers designed by Cultivator’s creators, presented certain challenges.

Such a strong and exacting brand requires a nuanced, precise approach. Plazm’s long-term relationship with Nike as a client over the decades helped inform our process. 

We approached the new brand with the same high level of rigor. The strategic positioning had to be rock solid at its core but nimble in potential execution. We began there. Brand values and nomenclature then emerged, followed by naming, logo, identity, packaging, voice, and copywriting.

As a brand grows, new staff and third-party relationships often multiply. Content needs grow exponentially. It can be tough to keep growth on-brand! Plazm helps Cultivator meet the challenge.

We enjoy an ongoing relationship with this innovative client. We keep the brand graphically fresh, consult on strategy, create content, and provide editorial branding guidance. 



Keywords: Branding, Community Engagement, Content, Editorial, Naming, Packaging, Strategy, Sport