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Fort George Brewery

Extensive branding & marketing projects

How do you launch a brewpub in a small, blue-collar town, and grow it into a mighty force of Northwest brewcraft?

Fort George Brewery did it with award-winning beers, a strong community, and a tight collaboration with Plazm. Building a powerful and honest brand, our projects expand with the brewery’s business—which now encompasses a full cannery, pub, restaurants, tasting rooms, and lots of beer cans, occupying an entire city block in historic downtown Astoria.

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The Fort.
Packaging for three evolving, limited edition Fort George beers. Each explore a certain style: Fields of Green = hops, Skies of Wonder = imperial IPA, Waves of Silence = stouts). Each gets a code name, when the batch is gone it’s gone. Details here. Embracing change in the design through use of thermochromatic heat sensitive inks. This feature also serves to alert the drinker to their need for another beer.⠀🍻cheers🍻
Packaging system—and the first year's worth of bottles—for the Fort's "Sweet Virginia Series," a small-batch, limited edition bottling series named after the original 8.5 BBL brewery.
32 oz. "crowler" — these to-go containers can be purchased and filled at the brewery in Astoria.
One of the many vehicles we have marked. Astoria is a beautiful place. This happens a lot when it doesn't rain!