One subject, many points of view

With the “OnCreativity” series, Plazm explores the nature of creativity and how it works via informal interviews with designers, artists, musicians, animators, and educators. Like creativity itself, their differing points of view inspire, provoke, confuse, and delight. 

Plazm principal Niko Courtelis was inspired by questions his students raised in college art school classrooms. The questions home in on a single topic: Creativity.

From Milton Glaser to Claw Money, each interviewee brings a distinctive point
of view to their discussion of process, philosophy, and opinion.

We visited each artist in their studio and asked the same 10 questions at each interview. Topics included failure, resilience, curiosity, risk-taking, collaboration and imperfection.

Some webisodes were reedited into a short documentary film, which was a finalist at the One Screen Film Festival in New York.

More interviews at oncreativity.tv

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