Powell’s Books

Online Customer Conversion Digital Photo Booth

Every summer, over 1.5 million tourists flock to this legendary bookstore. They enter beneath the iconic Powell’s marquee, which lists the names of famous authors. Our task: converting these visitors to online customers.

We did it with an on-site photo booth. Via email, visitors received portraits of themselves in front of Powell’s—with their own names featured on the marquee. The busy, popular booth brought thousands to the Powell’s database, exceeded sales goals, and turned memorable visits into a lasting relationships.

Keywords: Powell's Books, Community Engagement, Digital, Environment / Experiential, Retail, Strategy, Entertainment

A drip campaign reminded customers not only of their summer experience, but also their discount coupon.
Some truly amazing things happened in the photo booth. Famous authors (whose name was on the actual marquee) posed for a digital photo, and we even had a marriage proposal (she said yes)!
Thousands of people shared and celebrated their free photos online.