Plazm #10

The Nuclear Issue

James Acord
Laurie Anderson
Mark Amerika
The Cramps
Art Spiegleman

Table of Contents & Masthead
Plazm #10: The Nuclear issue
9” x 12”
72pp + cover
Offset lithography

Cover design: Niko Courtelis and Joshua Berger
1. Fast Flux Test Facility: Photographs by Arthur S. Aubry;
Design: Pete McCracken
3. Editorial by Jayne Loader; Illustration byStanley Moss: When Nothing Was Black or White;
Design: Pete McCracken
4. Contents;
Design: Christina Maier
8. Letters;
Design: Niko Courtelis
12. Anagogie Scams L.A., Excerpt by “Slam Granny”
Illustration: Pap Joe
Design: Arch Garland & Anita Merk @ Flyleaf
16. Laurie Anderson: Interview by Joshua Berger
Thom S. Heileson: Mixed Media
Design: Joshua Berger
21. Guerilla Girls, Interview by Niko Courtelis & Neva Knott
Design: Niko Courtelis
24. Ambushed at 50 by Brian Freer, A Profile on Artist James L. Acord
Design: Warren Dykeman
Drawings: James L. Acord
30. Plazm Fonts: Avenatha
Design: Greg Maffei
31. “Sweet Syncopation;” W. Scott Howard Interviews Art Spiegelman
Design: Julie Weiss
Illustration: Art Spiegelman
36. Faith Fighters 2 by Elliot Earls
38. Shut Him Up by Carolyn Altman
Design: Shari Borella
40. Assault on Public Broadcasting by David Barsamian
Design: Jan Uretsky
42. Bill Jacobson: Photographs
Design: Jessie L.C. Huang
44. Alexander Scott: Paintings
Design: Jessie L.C. Huang
46. Deers and Elks by David Pinson
Design: Sylvia Reed & Geralyne Lewandowski
50. Interview with Mark Amerika by Glen Brand
Design: Michael Friolo
54. In the Twin Towers by D. Holder
Rabbit Food Meets the Bomb by John Sevigny
Cement by P. Jeffrey
All I Have Been by Philip Arima
Spastic Dada March by Joshua H. Baker
Design: Daniel Smith
60. Eric Van Straaten: Dwangbeelden
Design: Joe Kamei
62. Flame Job Your Meat With The Cramps! Interview by Niko Courtelis & Kurt Schellenbach
McDonald’s Applications by Poison Ivy and Lux Interior of the Cramps
Design: Kurt Schellenbach
Photography: David Potter
64. Box of Rocks: Reviews
Design: Kaie Wellman
69. Stephanie Powell: “I Have These Three Stitches in My Side”
Design: Kaie Wellman
70. Submit to Plazm
Design: Tayler Kim
71. Plazm Soial Register: Artist Statments
Michael Salter: Eye Glasss
Design: Tayler Kim

Joshua Berger: Art Director
Niko Courtelis: Interior Decorator
Sarah Gomm: Distribution Manager
Neva Knott: Consulting Editor
Pete McCracken: Font Production, Special Projects
Yariv Rabinovitch: Managing Editor
Cairbre Smith: Editorial Assistant
Becca Kelly: Editorial Intern
Enrique Mosqueda: Design Intern
Stephanie Powell: Editorial Intern
Grey Matter Design: Electronic Pre-Press, Digital Wizardry

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