Plazm #12

The Fun Issue

Modern Dog
Ann Magnusen
Hittite Empire
Annie Sprinkle
Holly Hughes
Sonic Youth


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Table of Contents & Masthead
Plazm #12: The Fun Issue
9” x 12”
72pp + cover
Offset lithography

Front Cover: Leonard Jumping Through Flaming Hoop/ Simbah by Michelle Rollman
Design: Modern Dog
1. Circus by Michelle Rollman
Design: Modern Dog
4. Table of Contents
Design: Modern Dog
10. Bob Flanagan
Design: Charles Wilkin
13. Introduction by Jennifer Robin
Design: Niko Courtelis
14. Inside Bill Plympton’s Cartoon Head by Nike Courtelis
Design: Niko Courtelis
17. The Hittite Empire Presents: Comparative Pain and the Safe Word (a psychotic fugue) by Keith Antar Mason
Design: Denise Gonsales Crisp
26. Luv Talk with Ann Magnuson by Beth Urdang
Design:Joshua Berger
30. Sonic Youth by Tracey L. Simon
Design: Jan Uretsky
34. Svelt and the American Way by Jeff Nelson
Design: Angus R. Shamal
36. Cubist Tit Print by Annie Sprinkle
Breast Stroke: the Tit Prints of Annie Sprinkle by Jordan Peimer
Design: Angus R. Shamal
40. A Seminar on Museum Race Relations by Guillermo Gómez-Peña
Design: Angus R. Shamal
42. Cack by Tammy Fortin
Design: Angus R. Shamal
45. Crash Landing by Mark Harvey
Design: Kaie Wellman
47. Mechanics by Michael Fischer
Design: Kaie Wellman
48. External Influences: Subjective and Intuitive by Aimee Bolt
Design: Jan Uretsky
49. Span by April Blumenstiel
Design: Jan Uretsky
50. Hup, Doris Day Sings, and Deer Caught in Headlights by Peter Laydon
Design: Jan Uretsky
52. New Mexico by Amanda Cielish
Design: Jan Uretsky
54. Gina by Randy Gentry
Design: Kaie Wellman
56. Holly Hughes on Freaks, Femmes, and the Homemade Homosexual by Denise Morris
Design: Kaie Wellman
Photography: Bob Waldman
60. Box of Rocks: Plazm Reviews
Design: Mike Friolo
66. Smear by Rohitash Rao and Eric Silver
68. Submit to Plazm
Design: Charles Wilkin
69. Plazm Social Register
Design: Charles Wilkin
70. It’s all Fun and Games…
Design: Riq Mosqueda
Images: Sean Tejarachi / Craphound

Pat Buchanan Activity Page by Patrick Moore
Business Reply Card Design: Charles Wilkin

Joshua Berger: Art Director
Niko Courtelis: Ringleader
Sarah Gomm: Distribution Coordinator
Pete McCracken: Font Production, Special Projects
Yariv Rabinovitch: Managing Editor
Riq Mosqueda: Design Assistant
Alex Trub: Design Assistant
Becca Kelly: Editorial Assistant
Grey Matter Design: Electronic Pre-Press

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