Plazm #13

The Corporate Sponsored Issue

Perry Farrell
Ronaldo McDonaldo
Clean Needles Now
National Poetry Slam

The litho version of this issue is sold out. However, we still have a few copies of the letterpress collectors’ edition.

Table of Contents & Masthead
Plazm #13 – The Corporate Sponsored Issue
9” x 12”
56 pp. + cover
Offset Lithography
Edition of 100 with letterpress cover

Cover designed and printed by Bruce Licher
1.The Exquisite Corpse: Contributions from Jeff McDaniel, David Figler, Beth Lisick, Jeff Meyers, Bob Holman, Patricia Smith, Larry Francis, Allan Wolf, Taylor Mali, Marc Smith
Design: Smokebomb
3.Table of Contents:
Design:: Smokebomb
9. Editorial by Jeff Meyers
Design: Smokebomb
10. Perry Farrell interview by Joshua Berger
Photography by Bob Waldman
Design: Joshua Berger
12. Membership Has Its Privileges by Ed McDonald
18. Excavating the Instant Ruin by Alfredo Botello
Design: Amy DevLetian
20. Bruce Licher Interview by Pete McCracken
Design: Pete McCracken
22. Art and Commodity Capitalism: Mark Hosler of Negativland in conversation with Joshua Berger
Design: Joshua Berger
26. 50x50x50x50, Design: Riq Mosqueda
28. The Chain South by Nao Bustamente and Miguel Calderon
Design: John Boiler
34. Clean Needles Now: Corporate Campaign
Design: Amy DevLetian
37. What is this thing called Ké? By Ken Foster
Design: Donjiro Ban
40. Let’s Get Butt Naked and Write Poetry by Bob Holman
Design: Smay Vision
42. Cocksucker’s Blues by Justin Chin
Design: Smay Vision
45. Flat Rate Rental by Beth Lisick; Outdoor Care by Jeff McDaniel; Like Bombs by Todd Davis
Design: Smay Vision
Design:46. Feels Like Home by Brian W. Robinson
Design: Smay Vision
47. Cliff Diving by Wendy Loomis
Design: Smay Vision
48 . Box of Rocks: Plazm Reviews
Design: Allen Crawford
54. Submit to Plazm
Design: Niko Courtelis
55. Plazm Social Register
Design: Niko Courtelis
56. Moatex by the Daughters of Houdini
Design: Michael Kippeman

Business reply card:
Olympic rings by John Boiler
Blue Grotto by Richard Hawkins
Exotech by CoCo Fusco, Design by Riq Mosqueda

Art Direction: Joshua Berger, Niko Courtelis
Managing Editor: Yariv Rabinovitch
Aestheticist: Pete McCracken
Design Assistant: Riq Mosqueda
Editorial Assistants: Jennifer Robin, Nils Moe, Amy Ulrich
Senior Advisor: Stanley Moss

The litho version of this issue is sold out. However, we still have a few copies of the letterpress collectors’ edition.

Five complete library and museum collections are available. Please contact us to inquire about acquisition.

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