Plazm #14

Rick Valicenti
Kay Slusarenko
Mojo Nixon
John Woo
Miranda July


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Table of Contents & Masthead
Plazm #14
9” x 12”
56pp + cover
Offset lithography

Cover: “Michael Jackson, The Next Phase” by Rick Valicenti/Thirst
2. Table of Contents: Images by Whiting Tennis
Design: Niko Courtelis
5. Letters to Plazm
Design: Pete McCracken
6. Dan (American Spirit) by Dave Atyim
Design: Pete McCracken
7. Pelagic Kite by Allan Crawford
Design: Niko Courtelis
9. Of the Moment: Language, History, Imagination and the Vision of Bill T. Jones; Interview by W. Scott Howard
Design: Pam Racs
14. Buddah by Rick Valicenti
17. Anonymous Reunion by Jeff Meyers
Design: TTayler Kim
18. Jack Dempsey by Gerry Gomez Pearlberg
Design: Mike Kippenhan
19. Cereal Boy and Three Year Reunion by Brandon Bonow
Design: Mike Kippenhan
20. The Plague by Jennifer Robin
Design: Mike Kippenhan
24. Kiss Me Like the First Time
Text by Joshua Berger
Interviews with Gene Simmons and Peter Criss by Joshua Berger and Niko Courtelis
Design: Joshua Berger
Photography: Neva Knott
28. Orenthal James by Mojo Nixon
Design: Riq Mosqueda
30. Independent Audio: an interview with Adrian Sherwood by Jason Lohr
Design: Donjiro Ban
32: From the Question to the Answer: Hubert Selby, Jr. interviewed by Vince Cousino
Design: Riq Mosqueda
36. Big Miss Moviola: a project by Miranda July
Design: Amy DevLetian
38. Family Safe Network by Rebecca Bollinger
41. The Big Bang: an interview with John Woo by Soyon Im, Dave Davies and Chris Brown
Design: Dawn Kish
42. Going Nowhere by Philip Arima
Photography: Toby Hardman
Design: Scott Clum
46. Plazm Boutique & Person to Person
Design: Simona Bortis
48. Plazm Fonts
Design: Riq Mosqueda
49. Box of Rocks: Plazm Reviews
Design: Tayler Kim
54. Pure Invention by Kay Slusarenko
Design: Riq Mosqueda
56. Submit to Plazm
Design: Niko Courtelis and Robert Rasmussen
Photography: Bob Waldman

Art Direction: Joshua Berger, Niko Courtelis
Managing Editor: Yariv Rabinovitch
Aestheticist: Pete McCracken
Design Assistant: Riq Mosqueda
Editorial Assistants: Todd Dayton, Nils Moe, Amy Ulrich, Andrea Vigileos
Senior Advisor: Stanley Moss

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