Plazm #16

David Carson
Sister Spit
Stewart Home
Christal Methodists

Includes a 32pp coloring book. Each page by a different artist – includes pages by Ed Fella, Raymond Pettibon, Denise Gonzales Crisp, Designers Republic, Thirst, many more.

Under 20 remaining.

$25 in the shop.

For a limited time this issue will be included as part of the Collector’s Edition box set.

Five complete library and museum collections are available. Please contact us to inquire about acquisition.

Table of Contents & Masthead

Plazm #16
9” x 12”
48pp + cover
+ 32pp coloring book insert “Anyone Can Color”
Magazine printed offset lithography
Coloring book insert web lithography

Cover: foto + design: David Carson
4. Table of Contents
Design: David Carson
6. Can Everyone Use it (Can YOU)? by Molly Follett Story
Design: Riq Mosqueda9. Letters
Design: Pete McCracken
12. Once Upon a Channel Zero… by Noelle Elia
Design: Todd Munn
18. Trail of Spit: San Francisco’s Sister Spit Takes It on the Road by Tammy Fortin
Her Daughter the Picnic Basket (for Shannon Helm) by Ali Liebegott
From Lips Like Elvis by Cooper Lee Bombardier
Tang by Sara Seinberg
Uncle Nate’s Last Days on Chagrin Avenue by Marci Blackman
Story by Eileen Myles
Untitled by Tara Jepsen
From Circus Girl by Sini Anderson
Design: Riq Mosqueda
26. The Melvins by Caleb Plowman; photography by Sumaya Agha
Design: Dan Garland
33. More Propaganda: an Interview with Stewart Home by Amy Ulrich
Design: John Kieselhorst
36. The New Testament by Josey Gato
Design: Dan Garland
38. “an installation” by Nan B. Curtis
Remarks on Color by Peter Wegner
Design: Todd Waterbury
41. Box of Rocks: Plazm Reviews: Photography by Bob Waldman
47. Plazm Social Register
Design: Joshua Berger

The ‘For Color’ Insert – 32pp coloring book
Cover: Anton Kimball
2. Storm Tharp
3. Carla Mayela Figueroa
4. Raymond Pettibon & Monica Moran
5. Kay Slusarkenko
6. Heather Hadlock
7. Ed Fella
8. Efrat Rafaeli
9. Bob Waldman
10. Chloe Eudaly
11. Isabel Samaras
12. Marcellus Hall
13. Designers Republic
14. Fred Bower
15. Patrick Long
16. Marcus Burlile
17. Carolyn Cooley
18. Zoey Kroll with text by Margaret Tedesco
19. Denise Gonzales Crisp
20. Rick Pinchera
21. Jeff Kling
22. Peace McCracken
23. Linda Reynen
24. Frank Kozik
25. Sean Tejarachi
26. Bwana Spoons
27. Sam Coomes
28. Patrick Moore
29. Patricking@Thirst

Editor: Yariv Rabinovitch
Art Direction: Joshua Berger, Niko Courtelis, Pete McCracken
Star Designer: Riq Mosqueda
Music Editor: Sumaya Agha
Design Assistants: Dan Garland, John Kieselhorst
Contributing Editor: Todd Dayton
Senior Advisor: Stanley Moss

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