Plazm #18

Scott Clum
Kristin Lucas
Goat People
Gene Youngblood
Film Tours


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Table of Contents & Masthead
Plazm #18
9”x 12”
56pp + cover
offset lithography

Cover design by Scott Clum
Eric Stotik by Jon Raymond
Design: Riq Mosqueda
Design: John Kieselhorst
Crystals, Satellites, Pharmaceuticals
Design: Robin Muir
Kristan Lucas by Julia Bryan-Wilson
Design: Riq Mosqueda
Strange Books by Paul Souders
Design: Niko Courtelis
Film tours by Matt McCormick
Design: Riq Mosqueda
The Goat People by Sarah Xel Thompson, Illustrations by Linda Reynen
Design: Pete McCracken
Expanded Cinema: Brian Wallace speaks with Gene Youngblood
Design: John Kieselhorst
Stolen Cigerettes by Laura Winter
The Challenger Disaster, 1986, by Martin F. Downs Jr.
Design: Niko Courtelis
Bugskull: Interview by Cynthia Starr, Photography by Sumaya Agha
Design: Adam Rowe
The Multnomen: Interview by Slats Grobnick, Photography by Sumaya Agha
Box of Rocks: Plazm Reviews
Design: Joshua Berger

Managing Editor: Jon Raymond
Art Direction: Joshua Berger, Niko Courtelis, Pete McCracken
Design Stud: Riq Mosqueda
Music Editor: Sumaya Agha
Design Minion: John Kieselhorst
Editorial Assistant: Katherine Shanks
Senior Adviser: Stanley Moss

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