Plazm #2

Ice T & Body Count
Colin Jersey
Pamela Chipman and
Burning Bush” 8.5″ x 11″ anti-Gulf War 1 sticker


$20 in the shop.


Also available in a numbered collector’s folio edition of five copies containing issues 1-4 plus assorted early Plazm posters and ephemera.


Table of Contents & Masthead

Plazm #2
11” x 17”
54 pages + cover
Printed on high grade newsprint on a web press

Front Cover: Art by Bob Swan
Design: Max Klien
2. Contents
3. Submit to Plazm
4. Colin Jersey
7. On With The Body Count….an interview with Ernie C by Joshua Berger, Photography by Pernille Rasmussen
11. Pamela Chipman
15. Art & Recycling Projects in Bali by Neva Knott
17. Where I Stand With A Bitch I Know by David Pinson
Design: Keith C. Casper, Jr.
19. DevoLanguage by Karynn Fish, Joshua Berger & Andrew L. McFarlane
20. Crow by Sean Harrison, Photography by Joshua Berger
23. Atavism by Douglas Barricklow
24. Hyperpop by Reuben Nisenfeld
Design: Promethius Jones/Max Klien
25. Excuse Not to Participate: A conversation with Braccha Serri by Patrick Bardel and Neva Knott
Design: Patrick Bardel
26. Amerwrecka by Rhawn York
Design: Patrick Bardel
29. Garden of Earthly Delights by Todd Siedman, illustrations by Paul Hehn
30. System Prison by Joshua Berger
33. Pond by J.W. Renaud
Design: Promethius Jones/Max Klien
35. Rachel Mandez: Rachel and the Preborn Chicken
36. Patio Drive-Inn Photography by Partick Bardel
40. Woman & Words by Neva Knott
41. Fifty Dollar Bow Tie by John Dooley
Design: Promethius Jones/Max Klien
42. Jean Erhardt
Design: Promethius Jones/Max Klien
43. MIA by Sam Low
44. The Great American Gas Station by Carl Hanni
Design: Neva Knott
45. Control Manifesto: A Call to Retaliate in the Economic War by Patrick Bardel
Design: Patrick Bardel
46. Rat Boy by M. Webb/Video Dialtone
47. Interview: Sandra Bernhard by Thomas Aguire
Design: Promethius Jones/Max Klien
48. Relish Comix by Emm Ess
49. Fade to Black by Andrew L. McFarlane
Design: Jerome Schiller and Kieth C. Casper, Jr.
51. Gas Mask by Charles Daniels
52. Publishers Statement
Design: Promethius Jones/Max Klien
53. The Artist Registry
Back Cover: Art by Charles Daniels

Where not indicated above, design by Joshua Berger

Angry Chicken: Mascot
Patrick Bardel: Business manager, chief postere, distro man, conceptualization, photography.
JoshuaBerger: Art director, band promotions, interviews.
Karynn Fish: Poetry & Fiction editor, general intellectual discourse.
Sean Harrison: Written Editor, awesome writer, design, eclectic collaboration.
Neva Knott: Managing Editor. Overall what-not, photojournalist, design, special information agent.
Reuben Nisenfeld: Video Editor, live media bookings, promotions. He sort of does everything.

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