Plazm #21

Four Landscapes: photographs and essays:
– Robert Adams + Camela Raymond
– Susan Seubert + Jenny Deller
– Richard Misrach + Mike Byrne
– Terry Toedtemeier + Randy Gragg
Michael Brophy
Against Livability
Fashion Victims: Liz Collins
Capricorn 1000: On the Road with Matt McCormick and Animal Charm
Dogme 95
New Age Exposé

8-page pull out insert featuring Ed Fella’s Polaroid photography
Die-cut hand-printed letterpress cover


$15 in the shop.


Table of Contents & Masthead
Plazm #21
9” x 12”
48pp + cover
+ die-cut letterpressed overleaf
+ 8 page insert
Offset lithography with letterpress overleaf

Cover: Photography by Mark Ebson
Overleaf design and printing by Pete McCracken
Design: Jon Stienhorst
Contents: Photography by Mark Ebson
Design: Riq Mosqueda
Four Landscapes:
– Robert Adams by Camela Raymond
– Susan Suebert by Jenny Deller
– Richard Misrach by Mike Byrne
– Terry Toedtemeier by Randy Gragg
Design: Riq Mosqueda
Against Livability: A Polemic by Jake Carlo
Design: Garrett Andres, Matt Baldwin, and Lauren McKenna. Developed as part of a Plazm workshop at Oregon State University
Fuck: interview by Jeff Fucillo
Design: Hawthorne Hunt
Fashion Victims: Liz Collins
Photography by Raphael Astorga
Design: Pete McCracken
8pp insert: Ed Fella’s Polaroid photographs
Design: Joshua Berger
Forgotten Foundations: Recent Paintings from Michael Brophy by Slats Grobnik
Design: Niko Coutelis
It’s Weird But It Works: My Pathway to Spiritual Transformation and Back Again By Jon Raymond
Design: Lotus Child
Capricorn 1000: On the Road with Animal Charm and Matt MccCormick by Jim White
Design: Riq Mosqueda
Dogme 95 by Travis Wiles
Design: Riq Mosqueda
Box of Rocks: Plazm Reviews
Design: Joshua Berger

Editor: Jon Raymond
Art Direction: Joshua Berger, Niko Courtelis, Pete McCracken
Superstar: Riq Mosqueda
Music Editor/Staff Photographer: Sumaya Agha
Fashion Editor: Storm Tharp
Design Gagdeteer: Jon Steinhorst
Assistants: Isabel Courtelis, Amelia Rasmussen
Editorial Assistant: Natascha Snellman
Senior Adviser: Stanley Moss
Research Assistant: Jeni Collins
Contributing Designers: Lotus Child, Hawthorne Hunt

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