Plazm #28

The Luck Issue

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Table of Contents & Masthead:

PLAZM #28 – The Luck Issue
9” x 12”
144 pp + cover
+ double-gate-fold center spread

Cover by Milton Glaser
2. Contents: 28 by Katie Kroneman from ‘The Typographic West’
Design: Joshua Berger
3. Editor’s Statement
Design: Joshua Berger
4. Letters
Design: Todd Houlette
10. Ghoulardi-Lessons in Mayhem from the First Age of Punk by Dave Thomas
Design: Thomas Kwak
18. Kristan Kennedy: Recent Work
Design: Joshua Berger
22. The Political Problem of Luck: Julia Bryan-Wilson talks to Steve Kurtz of Critical Art Ensemble
Design: Thomas Kwak
30. Family Room by Elizabeth Schambelan
Illustrations and Design: Yasmeen Ayyashi
36. Raymond Pettibon: Three Drawings
Design: Joshua Berger
42. Girls!Girls!Girls! Marlene McCarty Interview by Felix Ensslin and Sue de Beer
Design: Brendan Miller
50. Performance PDX by Tiffany Lee Brown
Design: Brendan Miller
58. Timeline of Dissent
Design: Joshua Berger
64. e*rock: New Poster, CD, and LP designs
Design: Joshua Berger
70. Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption by Chris Jordan
Design: Joshua Berger
82. Secret Secret: Anatomny of a Prank by Jon Raymond, Photography by Andrew Zuckerman
Design: Niko Courtelis
90. Cop Love by Patrick Long
Design: Joshua Berger and Brendan Miller
101. Melina Rodrigo: Excerpts from her zine “A.W.”
Design: Joshua Berger
106. Notes on Petty Theft by Oscar Rainier
Design: Todd Houlette
110. Gus Van Sant in Conversation with Matthew Stadler
Design: Susie Nielsen/Farm
120. Reza Abedini
Design: Brendan Miller
126. Getting Lucky with Peaches: Interview by Joshua Berger, Photography by Jeremy Bittermann and Hadley Hudson
Design: Joshua Berger
130. Box of Rocks: Plazm 28 Reviews
Design: Andrew Marshall
138. Submissions
Design: Todd Houlette
144. Wow! I Won a Date with The Doors (of Perception) by Candy Azul, photography by Jeremy Bittermann and Danny Seim
Design: Joshua Berger and Pete McCracken


Editors: Jon Raymond, Tiffany Lee Brown
Art Director: Joshua Berger

Copy Editor: Allison Dubinsky


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