Plazm #29

Collective Memory

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“To hell with the new.”
So begins issue 29 of Plazm, the Pacific Northwest’s premier art, culture, and design magazine. Plazm’s largest issue ever clocks in at 160 pages of photography, art, and interviews featuring Yoko Ono, Art Chantry, Sue Coe, Storm Tharp, Todd Haynes, and JD Samson (formerly of Le Tigre), among many others.

Plazm #29 delves into our culture’s collective memory, from a collectible poster of Portland’s DIY music history to previously unpublished photographs of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, unearthed by Thomas Robinson. Paintings of Bob Dylan by Todd Haynes, director of Far from Heaven, Velvet Goldmine, and the upcoming Dylan biopic I’m Not There, are published here for the first time. Yoko Ono says the flag-waving days of the ’60s should be behind us, while Andrew Hultkrans traces ominous similarities between the Nixon administration and current politics.

Current life in Iraq, in the States, and in Portland are represented in photography by unembedded photographers, Robbie McLaren, and Daniel Peterson. Seripop’s mind-blowing psychedelic poster designs make a splash along with new fiction from Domenick Ammirati. Curator Stephanie Snyder engages artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins in conversation, and Sarah Gottesdiener talks art, music, and queer culture with JD Samson. One section asks designers, writers, and performance artists to address the idea of “The End of War,” with pieces by Alex Lilly, Marvin Bell, Rebeca Mendéz and Adam Eeuwens, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Jamie McMurry, among others. Full table of contents below.

Table of Contents & Masthead:
PLAZM #29: Collective Memory
9”x 12”
Offset lithography
160 pp + cover
+ 22” x 34” poster

Cover: Art by Seripop
3. To Hell With the New: Letter From the Editors, photography by David Falconer
7. Masthead
8. Contents: Illustration by Sarah Gottesdiener
10. Sleepwalking in Nixon’s Shadow by Andrew Hultkrans
Design: Todd Houlette
14. Yoko Ono: Interview by Joshua Berger, photography by Tom Haller, lettering by Aaron Heil
19. Casey Watson: recent work
26. Three Explosions on the Columbia: photography by Ray Atkeson, Benjamin Gifford, and Vanessa Renwick
30. A Taxonomy of Meth Labs by Alex Hubbard
Design: Darcy Jeffs
34. Storm Tharp
45. PDX Music Memory including contributions from Mark Sten, Brandon Leiberman, Tres Shannon, Regina LaRocca, sts, Mike King, Thomas Robinson, E*Rock, and Radio Sloan; sidebar in words and toner by Tiffany Lee Brown

Pull-out PDX Music Memory poster; design by Linda Reynen, photographs by Thomas Robinson

53. Portraits of Bob Dylan by Todd Haynes
56. Divide and Quit by Robert Mackey
Design: Nate Schulman
64. Unembedded: Independent Photojournalists in Iraq. Photography by Thorne Anderson, Rita Leistner, and Ghaith Abdul-Ahad
74. Ordinary People by Robbie McClaren
82. Brothers by Domenick Ammirati
Design: Ishan Khosla
92. Photography by Daniel Peterson
100. Jessica Jackson Hutchins in conversation with Stephanie Snyder
Design: Mansi Shah
106. Poster Designs by Seripop
110. The End of War; Curated by Joshua Berger and Tiffany Lee Brown
intro page design: Mansi Shah
Featuring contributions from:
-Rebeca Méndez and Adam Eeuwens
-Lidia Yuknavitch; design by Susie Nielsen
-Art Chantry
-Letter Doulas by Kristin Tsiatsios; design by Susie Nielsen
-David Tartakover
-Coffee by Marvin Bell; design by Susie Nielsen
-Death Drive by Magdalen Powers; design by Niko Courtelis
-Alex Lilly
-Jamie McMurry; design by Susie Nielsen
-An Apology to the Vietnamese and Iraqis by Marvin Bell; design by Susie Nielsen
-Devora Neumark; design by Susie Nielsen
-Sue Coe
-Yoko Ono
128. Post Utopic: JD Samson on Art, Sincerity, and the L Word by Sarah Gottesdiener
Design & graphics by Psilo
136. Plazm Store
Design: Aaron Heil
138. Box of Rocks; Plazm Reviews
Design: Sarah Gottesdiener
148. Two Memories, With Guns by Emily Chenoweth
Design: Sarah Gottesdiener
150. These Colors by Joshua Berger
151. Love American Style by Todd Houlette
152. Mr. Robinson’s Archive by Thomas Robinson
Design: Todd Houlette
158. Contributors

Where not indicated above, design by Joshua Berger

Editors: Jon Raymond, Tiffany Lee Brown
Art Director: Joshua Berger

Editorial Coordinator: Sarah Gottesdiener
Copy Editor: Allison Dubinsky


Five complete library and museum collections are available. Please contact us to inquire about acquisition.

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