Plazm #3

The Glamour Issue

Information Liminalism
Walt Curtis
Lyle Hehn
Exene Cervenka

11″ x 17″ format
Very few remaining.


$20 in the shop.


Also available in a numbered collector’s folio edition of five copies containing issues 1-4 plus assorted early Plazm posters and ephemera.


Table of Contents & Masthead
Plazm #3
11” x 17”
48pp + cover
Offset lithography

Front Cover: Art by Lyle Hehn
Inside Front Cover by Michael Scheer

1. Submit to Plazm
Design: Joshua Berger
2. Contents
Design: Pete McCracken
4. Dissecting the Media Monopoly with Jello Biafra by Joshua Berger, Photography by Pernille Rasmussen
Design: Joshua Berger
8. The Tiny Door of Heaven: Lyle Hehn
10. Paul Bergner
Design: Jonathan Wills
14. Abortion Photographs by Patrick Bardel
Design: Greg Maffie
18. Eclipse by Jeff Studebaker
Design: Christina & David Maier
21. Lifeboat by Michelle Merkin
22. In Defense of Bigotry by Robert Bruce Sackinger
23. Exene Cervenka by Mike Hinds
24. God is Not Dead by Desiree LeFracois
Illustration: Michael Scheer
Design: John Boiler
26. Train Wreck by Studio X
Design: Greg Maffie
28. Fishbone, an Interview by Angelo Moore by Joshua Berger and David Walker, Photography by Pernille Rasmussen
Design: Joshua Berger
31. Intellectual Relish by Emm Ess
32. Channel Capacity by Lecram Nerak
Design: Greg Maffie
34. Tad, an Interview with Kurt Danielson, Photography by Pernille Rasmussen
Design: Niko Courtelis
36. Glass Bubble by Reuben Nisenfeld
Design: Reuben Nisenfeld
37. Poetry by David Pinson and Leanne Grabel
Design: Reuben Nisenfeld
39. Virtual Surreality by Karynn Fish and Joshua Berger, Illustration by Colin Jersey
Design: Joshua Berger
40. Photography by Gabrielle Ackerman
Design: Pete McCracken
43. Salmon Pagentry, an Interview by Walt Curtis and Carl Hanni
Design: Joshua Berger
48. Resolation by Drew Pisarra
Design: Benton Wong
Inside Back Cover by Robert Gregory Griffeth
Design: Benton Wong
Back Cover Art by Angelina C. Marino

(right) Original announcement flyer

Patick Bardel: Business Manager
Joshua Berger: Art Director
Karynn Fish: Written Editor
Neva Knott: Managing Editor
Peter McCracken: Production Manager
Reuben Nisenfeld: Video Editor, Live Media Bookings and Promotions
Pernille Rasmussen: Photography Coordinator

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