Plazm #8

Noam Chomsky
Jello Biafra
MC 900′ Jesus
The Orb
Funky Furniture
Looking for a New World – John C Jay, Stanley Bach, Michael Bernal
Skateboarding in Portland


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Table of Contents & Masthead
Plazm #8
9” x 12”
88pp + cover
Offset lithography
Front Cover: Untitled painting by David DiJulio;
Design: Niko Courtelis and Imin Pao
Inside Front Cover: Sugar Pie, Honey Bee painting by Cheryl dos Remedios;
Design: Greg Maffie

1. Cezar Boo 2 paintings by Philip Zimmerman;
Design: Greg Maffie
4. Contents Guillotine/Grindstone paintings by David DiJulio;
Design: Niko Courtelis
6. Letters;
Design: Joshua Berger
9. Submit to Plazm;
Design: Scott Clum/ride
9. Take it or Leave It: Pearls of Wisdom (collective discussion on how work is selected for show);
Design: Dylan Coulter
14. Keeping the Rabble in Line interview with Noam Chomsky
by David Barsamian; Design: Arch Garland & Anita Merk/flyleaf
21. Straight Shooting2 : selected photography by gang-affected youth;
Design: Greg Maffie
26. Drawings by Rossana Montoya
27. Sphere of Influence: installation by Mike and Doug Starn; Photography by Pernille Rasmussen & Neva Knott;
Design: Niko Courtelis & Pernille Rasmussen
30. Bussing poetry by Beth Kluckhon
31. untitled poetry by John Sevigny & a poem not to be read aloud by Crab Nebula
32. hair poetry by P. Jeffrey
33. By the Morning Sun poetry by Jay Marvin
34. Drunk in the Afternoon by Michael McNeilley
all poetry Design: Jaffery Lorzen
38. Forget Gregor Samsa, Tell Me About Joe Weider fiction by Peter Christopher & The Fighter silkscreen by Rick Austin; Design: Scott Clum/ride
42. Looking For A New World interviews by Michael Bernal;
Photography: Stanley Bach; Project Direction: John C Jay;
Design: Nicole Misiti

49: Plazm Fonts: Rocket Science;
Design: Jaffery Lorenzen
50. Under The Sign of The Bicycle essay by Alon K. Raab;
Design: Mary Sillman
52. Funky Furniture by Patrick Moore;
Design: Niko Courtelis
54. Twelve Skirts writing by Alice Joanou & Broken Lipstick; photography by Neva Knott; Design: Harriet Goren
56. Untitled paintings by Mari Sparito;
Design: Julie Weiss
60. First Words, My Word mixed media by Cara Tomlinson;
Design: Greg Maffie
61. Plazm Rock & Roll Section
1) Good Clean Fun: an afternoon backstage with The Reverend Horton Heat interview by Tom Schoen & Neva Knott photography by Neva Knott
2) MC 900 Ft. Jesus interview by Amy Buringrud; photography by Kirk Jones
3) M.I.R.V. interview by Kim Berhorst
4) The Orb: twenty minutes with Alex Paterson interview by Rich King
5) Live Scene: Portland… Satan’s Pilgrims & God’s Favorite Pussy show review by Mira Brockelman; Pilot & Swoon 23 show review by Alyson Metzger
Rock and Roll section design: Imin Pao
70. Positive Cultural Terrorism interview Joshua Berger with Jello Biafra; Photography: Gabrielle Drinard; Design: Joshua Berger
74. Tokay Junction photography by Kevin Ellsworth;
Design: Dylan Coulter
78. Box of Rocks: Artistic Electica in Review;
Design: Joe Kamei
82. Manos Magicas paintings by Maz Pruneda, Cisco Jimenez, Marin Montoya; commentary by Cecily Quintana;
Design: Joe Kamei
87. Artist Info.;
Design: Joshua Berger
88. Knavish Lad mixed media by Dug Uyesaka & Upcoming in Plazm;
Design: Joe Kamei

Back Cover: non- (silkscreen) by Rick Austin & The Little Lighted Lamb (painting) by Cisco Jimenez; Design: Greg Maffie

Men are OK & Tarp Your Load (demi-ads) pp 12 & 69 by Greg Leichner

Neva Knott: Editor
Joshua Berger: Art Director
Niko Courtelis: Production Manager
Pernille Rasmussen: Photography Editor
Pete McCracken: Font Production
Stephanie Powell: Intern
Grey Matter Design: Color Separations, Digital Wizardry

Special Thanks
Contributors to Looking for a New World, pp. 42-48: Steve Adleman at Club USA, Cuberto Bonilla, Frances Rios, Tom Caravaglia; Sean Harrison, Brian Christopher, Hamilton, Chris Parkman

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