Plazm is a design & culture company

For over 30 years, Plazm has brought creative folks together for work, talk, and play. We apply our deep experience in collaboration to a wide range of commercial services—advertising, branding, content, custom typography, and beyond.

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We help our clients make an emotional connection with their audiences through digital, print, broadcast, social, and out of home (OOH) advertising. From concept to copywriting, design to production, we work directly with clients or collaborate with agencies. View


Successful companies build meaningful brands—rich, layered, and genuine. Whether branding a new enterprise, rebranding, or repositioning, clients come to us for nuanced branding work based on strategy. Our work includes strategic brand positioning, brand values, and brand identity (logo, custom typographic signature, nomenclature). View



Intimate, custom communication reaches your most valued audiences. We conceptualize and design specialized books, award statues, portfolios, and more in editions ranging from one to 250. View

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Whether it’s a startup or a new service, everything needs a name. Our uniquely methodical approach to on-brand nomenclature is based on years of experience. View

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Our unique approach to storytelling and narrative strategies is developed from deep experience in publishing. We create meaningful digital experiences from concept through development and launch. Clicks matter but designing for the way a person interacts with a website is about far more than metrics. View

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Gaining attention in a competitive visual landscape is a challenge. Each detail is important, from material to typography. We specialize in low-impact, sustainable design and can work with you from concept through prototyping and production to fully realize your package. View

Motion & Video

The power of the moving image is undeniable, connecting people and moving emotions. We write scripts, storyboard, and direct for broadcast, webisodes, animation, and live action. View



Content is in our bones. Plazm started out as a magazine decades ago, branching out into rich media and multidisciplinary events. Our deep experience in arts and publishing led to our unique approach to storytelling and narrative strategies. We create experiences including websites, apps, printed works, and events. View


Custom letterforms are one of the most potent ways to express your brand. Custom letterforms are in our DNA. We’ve been making type and fonts since the early 1990s. View


Editorial Design

Designing for print takes particular experience and expertise. Guiding books and magazines through the production process requires no less. Plazm has won international awards for our approach. View



We love making posters. It’s a great design challenge to make something work at multiple distances with impact. Hundreds of our posters are collected in museums. View

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Small Business

We hold a special place in our hearts for entrepreneurs and have developed a special streamlined offering for small businesses. View

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Working with not-for-profit and social cause organizations is integral to our core belief that design can change the world. All our design services are available to nonprofits at special “low-bono” rates. View