Uniqlo French Open 2016


Great advertising connects.

We interviewed advertising legend George Lois, an inspiration for Mad Men, for our OnCreativity series. As he memorably put it: “Great advertising should be like a punch in the mouth.” We prefer a less violent approach, but we see his point. Great advertising has to connect and make impact.

Plazm partners Joshua Berger and Niko Courtelis met at the prestigious independent agency Wieden+Kennedy in the early 1990s, creating advertising for clients such as Nike. Josh and Niko have been collaborating ever since, making work that connects.

We develop and execute advertising campaigns for individual clients. We also have deep experience working directly with advertising agencies, embedded as Art Director / Writer / Creative Director or as a design firm in support of a specific campaign. Examples of both are shown here.

We also create integrated digital, OOH campaigns for Plazm clients large and small. Pictured at top of the page: Uniqlo French Open campaign for Novak Djokovic, full case study here.

More samples of our advertising work is below.

Heineken: Poachers

One of many Heineken beer ads for broadcast directed by Plazm principal Niko Courtelis; an agency collaboration.

Nike: Tiger Woods—Thank You

As he vaulted to superstar golfer status, a young Tiger Woods paid homage to Black golfers who had come before in this broadcast video. An agency collaboration with Plazm’s Niko Courtelis.


Portland Center Stage

Rebrand & poster campaign

Like the city itself, the largest, longest-running theatre company in Portland was on the brink of a new era. Portland Center Stage worked with Plazm to rebrand and create posters for two seasons of compelling theater. Like the city itself, the largest, longest-running theatre company in Portland was on the brink of a new era. Portland Center Stage worked with Plazm to rebrand and create posters for two seasons of compelling theater.

Full case study

Portland Center Stage poster advertising

Nike Panthers Football 

OOH regional advertising, an agency collaboration.

Nike NFL Panthers advertising by Plazm

Nike—Free Yourself

Advertising & poster campaign

Leading up to the World Cup, our client Nike wanted to inspire young soccer players in Japan. But the country’s conservative sports system (bukatsu) valued conformity, an attitude stretching beyond sports culture and into everyday life.

Our campaign made the bukatsu boys the catalyst for a more creative style of play, where individual brilliance could shine along with team success. “Free Yourself” brought the message home with a clear understanding of the players’ unique situation.

Full case study

What makes this place great?

Part of a regional campaign (OOH, digital, radio) for Portland transit agency, TriMet.

Full case study

TriMet advertising by Plazm

Star Wars—Episode I

International poster campaign

George Lucas is one of our era’s master storytellers. We were honored to visit Skywalker Ranch and create a visually bold poster style for his first Star Wars prequel, centered on the numeral 1.

The campaign reached out to new audiences—particularly women—by depicting universal themes focused on character, emotion, and human experience. Initially intended for Episode I in Germany and Japan, the project expanded to include the entire world outside the US.

Full case study

Star Wars Episode I advertising

Mass Mutual: Frog

Copy (and frog) driven spot for Mass Mutual. An agency collaboration with Plazm’s Niko Courtelis.


National campaign & relaunch

Just as Nike would later popularize running, Jantzen made swimming a national sport in the 1920s through 1960s. Sporty yet feminine, the brand became iconic of the era—and then languished.

Decades later, Plazm was selected to create a new identity and multi-pronged national relaunch campaign that functioned across demographics and categories. We connected Jantzen’s history of innovation to an appreciative younger audience, retaining heritage attributes and establishing the brand’s new line for men.

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Bell Canada: Tennis

It’s always fun to watch this ad for Bell Canada. It might make you want to start a career in modeling for television! An agency collaboration with Plazm’s Niko Courtelis.

Dear America

A series of spread ads for Uniqlo in the New York Times to relaunch the brand in America.

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Brand advertising for UNIQLO

UPS: Vehicles

Broadcast ad for United Parcel Service international campaign, shot on location in Italy. Agency collaboration with Plazm principal Niko Courtelis (director/art director).

Find it.

Banner advertising campaign developed for a pre-Netflix movie search database. ForMovies.com had the right idea for the time, but obviously didn’t become Netflix. We still like these ads though!

Digital advertising Ishtar
Bruce Lee Digital advertising by Plazm
Patrick Swayze Digital advertising by Plazm


Following up on our 15th Anniversary campaign collaboration with David Kennedy, we joined forces again to help promote the jazz radio station’s 25th Anniversary. Animation by Transport.