Strong, meaningful brands

More than a logo, more than a name—a brand is a living ecosystem of experiences, perceptions, and relationships. At Plazm we build brands strategically, using established methods that help our clients meet business objectives while telling their own special truth.

Branding services include strategy exploration, brand launch, brand refresh, rebranding, naming, nomenclature, visual identity including logo, typography, editorial tone and voice, and creation of a brand manual to guide clients into the future.

Every situation has its own needs: you may have a solid, well functioning logo but need to update your editorial voice (text, copy, tone). You might need a distinctive, tactile new business card or a graphic refresh of your commerce site. Or you may need to build a whole new brand from the ground up. We can help.


Cultivator rebranding

Naming, strategy, identity, editorial, packaging

Sometimes a business needs to rebrand or rename before it can grow. Such was the case for Cultivator, an accelerator startup poised to radically alter the athletic shoe marketplace. Their new round of funding secured, they needed to jettison their old name for legal reasons, and go deep into a strategically based, creatively robust branding process. Full case study

Cultivator logo rebrand

Newsweek rebranding

Rebrand, typography, editorial design

The historic media property Newsweek sought to explore the possibilities for the future of its brand. Plazm was invited to reimagine the iconic Newsweek brand with a logo update and a new editorial design for the print publication—with an eye on digital. A custom semi-slab typeface was created for the brand name and headlines to modernize the publication while evoking its powerful heritage. Full case study

The Parker

Brand launch, typography, identity, signage, wayfinding, bespoke hardware

For this Pearl District real estate project, we delved into the historic roots of the area’s built environment: the 1920s. Art Deco era design inspired the building itself, and the full suite of branding and launch materials we created. These included identity, architectural signage, and wayfinding for the building. Pictured is a custom door pull based on specialized brand typography.


Rebrand, identity, national campaign, relaunch

In the early and mid 20th century, Jantzen made swimming a national pastime. Sporty and feminine, the Jantzen brand became iconic of the era. Then it languished.

Decades later, Plazm was selected to create a new identity and multi-pronged national relaunch campaign. Celebrating the brand’s incredible history and its contemporary future, the brand fused old with new. The campaign functioned across demographics and categories including the launch of a men’s brand. Full case study

Sarah Bellum’s Bakery & Workshop

Brand, naming, identity, brand launch, packaging, editorial

Our client had a wonderful idea: a not-for-profit, social enterprise bakery supporting people with brain injuries—helping them return to work, play, and life by baking delicious, hand-crafted cupcakes. What they needed was a solid brand. Plazm was honored to name and brand Sarah Bellum’s Bakery & Workshop. After two successful summers at Portland Farmers Market, they opened a busy brick and mortar location in Multnomah Village. Full case study

Sarah Bellum's Bakery



Pearl+ Luxury Soap

Brand, identity, packaging

Janet Jay’s grandmother from China shared with her granddaughter the benefits of using real pearl on her skin. This beauty regimen, thousands of years old, became the basis of Jay’s contemporary artisanal soap line. She invited Plazm to bring the new brand to life graphically, creating a contemporary, luxurious feel through logo, packaging, business cards, and more. The soaps are now featured in Ace Hotels throughout the United States.

Packaging design by Plazm for Pearl +

Typewriter Jam

Brand, identity, poster

We’ve designed logos, posters, and other materials for hundreds of arts and cultural events: theatre, music, politics, poetry, and more. Here, the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) in Portland tapped us to create a graphic identity capturing the energy of their Typerwriter Jam.

Logo by Plazm

Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls

Brand, identity, posters, merchandise, marketing strategy

Social and media pressure on girls and young women can be overwhelming. Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls offers a powerful antidote. Through music and performance, girls find their voices, their confidence, and their self-esteem. Plazm helped this nonprofit organization develop a new approach to brand, including some logos and graphics designed to evolve over time. Pictured: our design for the organization’s non-corporate seal. Full case study

rock 'n' roll camp for girls seal