At Plazm, we believe design can change the world.

As designers and other creatives, we learn how to wield the tools of communication and expression—tools that move hearts and change minds.

Applying that knowledge for good is essential. We encourage our clients to make decisions that benefit the world and its creatures. We also offer nonprofit, not-for-profit, education, arts, and social cause organization clients a reduced “low bono” rate.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls

Strategy, branding, marketing, advertising

Social and media pressure on girls and young women can be overwhelming. Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls offers a powerful antidote. Through music and performance, girls find their voices, their confidence, and their self-esteem.

Plazm helped Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls transition from a small, founder-focused group to a larger and more inclusive organization—one that spawned a global movement. Plazm principal Joshua Berger also spent five years on the Board of Directors. Full case study

Pacific Northwest College of Art

Strategy, catalogues, editorial, marketing materials

PNCA was a small art college seeking a new approach to recruitment. Plazm came on board to help reposition the PNCA brand and develop meaningful, successful marketing materials. We created dazzling magazines with high production and design values to serve as recruitment and college catalogue. Plazm developed a new editorial voice, wrote interviews, and edited client-provided materials as well. We also developed interactive maps and other online and print marketing collateral. Full case study

Sarah Bellum’s Bakery & Workshop

Brand, naming, identity, brand launch, packaging, editorial

Our client had a wonderful idea: a not-for-profit, social enterprise bakery supporting people with brain injuries—helping them return to work, play, and life by baking delicious, hand-crafted cupcakes. What they needed was a solid brand. Plazm was honored to name and brand Sarah Bellum’s Bakery & Workshop. After a successful run at Portland Farmers Market, they opened a busy brick and mortar location in Multnomah Village. Full case study

Sarah Bellum's Bakery

Portland Center Stage

Rebrand, posters, editorial

Like the city itself, the largest, longest-running theatre company in Portland was on the brink of a new era. Portland Center Stage had masterminded an innovative rehabilitation of the historic Armory Building, making a new home for themselves and anchoring a blossoming neighborhood. They needed a rebrand and more, and brought Plazm in to get the job done. Full case study

Portland Center Stage poster advertising

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

Capital campaign, advertising, content

Plazm has worked closely with the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) since its inception. Kristy Edmunds founded PICA in 1995 in response to a widening gap in Portland between traditional institutions and emerging alternative work. Now known for its annual TBA festival, PICA became a powerful force in a city that was beginning to attract international attention for its creative scene. Full case study

PICA campaign fundraising package

Northwest Film Center

Posters, video, advertising

Since 1971, Northwest Film Center has played a vital role in Portland’s evolving arts community. The organization’s annual festival of filmmaking invited Plazm to design film posters and make movie trailers on numerous occasions. Full case study