Democracy works best when people participate


Do your civic duty. Exercise your right to vote.

Voting requirements are different in each state. Quickly register, get an absentee ballot, and check your state requirements at or use the federal website, both contain direct links to all states.

Oregon voters: Mail your ballot by Oct 30 or drop off by 8pm Nov 6. Find a dropbox location. Postmarks do NOT count.


Kate Brown
Oregon Governor

YES on Measure 102
Support affordable housing

NO on Measure 103
Creates permanent tax loopholes for specific businesses

NO on Measure 104
Expands supermajority requirement, cripples state budget

NO on Measure 105
Repeals Oregon law protecting immigrants from racial profiling

NO on Measure 106
Restricts access to safe, legal abortion, especially for the most vulnerable

Jamie McLeod-Skinner — US Congress


Sally Russell — Bend Mayor
Barb Campbell — Bend City Council
Amy Lowes — Deschutes County Commissioner
James Cook — Deschutes County Commissioner
Eileen Kiely — State Rep. District 53
Karen Rippberger — State Rep. District 55
Darcy Long-Curtiss — State Rep. District 59


YES on the Portland Clean Energy Fund
Build a just, clean energy future for all of Portland

YES on 26199  for affordable housing

YES on 26-200 for Honest Elections
Help get big money out of Portland campaigns

Jo Ann Hardesty —Portland City Council, Position 3
Christine Lewis — Metro Council, District 2

Contact Congress
Contact information and social media for all members of Congress.

ACLU Voter
National and local resources to vote like your rights depend on it.

Swing Left
Organization mobilizing to flip house districts across the country.

Grassroots political action with chapters in every congressional district in the country. Find yours.

Sister District
Organizing local teams to support progressive candidates in neighboring districts.

Postcards to Voters
Send handwritten reminders to targeted voters giving Democrats a winning edge in close, key races coast to coast.

Run for Something
Recruits and supports young diverse progressives to run for down-ballot races.

Flip seats, win states, rebuild our country.

Resistance School 
Practical skills for taking back America

Let your officials know you’re holding them accountable.

Open Secrets
Follow the dollar and learn how money influences our political system.

This public service message brought to you by your fellow citizens at PLAZM

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Make up: Amelia Rasmussen
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