Novak Djokovic rose from a child in war-torn Serbia, hiding in bomb shelters with his family, to become the #1 tennis player in the world. Big-hearted and willing to stand up for those in need, he started a foundation early in his career.

Novak supported the health and education of children around the world, and became a sportswear ambassador for Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing brand.

Uniqlo invited Plazm Design to bring Novak’s spirit of lovingkindness to a global audience during 2016’s championship tennis matches in Paris.

Together with John C Jay at Fast Retailing and Jed Alger at Must Be Something, we expressed graphically and verbally the most universal emotion, in ways that needed little translation. From the Paris Opéra to the Métro, we shared Novak’s message with the famed City of Love. We celebrated the most powerful idea in the world, one that transcends all ages, borders, and genders. Love.

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A sampling of the social media response.
Reposting the day after Novak’s French Open victory.
Reposting the day after Novak’s French Open victory.
After the successful Paris campaign, we extended #BringTheLove to New York for the US Open.