Plazm magazine

Plazm magazine is an award-winning publication of design, arts, culture, and social change. Founded by a collective of artists circa 1991 in Portland, Ore., Plazm became an influential importer and exporter of a nascent Northwest creative culture.

Experimental, bold, and sometimes startling, Plazm magazine celebrates graphic design on every page while providing a showcase for creative people across disciplines. Notable designers contributing to Plazm magazine include David Carson, Art Chantry, April Greiman, Milton Glaser, Rebeca Mendéz, Reza Abedini, Why Not Associates, and Ed Fella.

The work of established artists like Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Yoko Ono, and Raymond Pettibon is published alongside emerging artists and unknowns, all treated with the same sense of respect and graphic experimentation.

Collaborative, cross-disciplinary practice encourages exploration among our contributors. Thus we publish non-musical writing from Iggy Pop and members of The Cramps, and visual art from filmmakers David Lynch and Todd Haynes.

The magazine’s full catalog resides in the collections of SFMOMA, Denver Art Museum, Princeton University Architecture Library, and other institutions.

Some back issues are individually available for purchase. These can be found in the Issue Archive. We also have a few Collector’s Edition box sets available. If you want to be notified about our upcoming issues, please subscribe to our email list at the top of this site.

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Since its founding, Plazm magazine has pushed the boundaries of its print-based laboratory, expanding into multidisciplinary events. These gatherings often activate unused or unusual spaces such as abandoned warehouses and factory buildings. Programming combines dance, film, installation, literary readings, performance, music, and spectacle in a festive environment. Pictured here, Tahni Holt performs in an elevator at the old Disjecta space.
Plazm 28 release party at the old Disjecta space.
Plazm 28 release party — E*Rock performance