Pacific Northwest College of Art

Marketing, Posters, Recruitment, Program Launches

Art college PNCA wanted a bigger, more diverse pool of undergraduate applicants. Plazm helped PNCA update its positioning and rework its strategy. We then developed meaningful, intriguing materials featuring high production values, serious editorial content, and rich, appealing design.

Online and in print, the materials connected with valued audiences, primarily prospective students and their parents. Especially successful was our hybrid magazine, which also functioned as a course catalogue. These efforts allowed our client to shine just as its home city, Portland, was becoming an internationally known creative hub.

BFA recruitment, the college’s first MFA degree, adult continuing education, and summer courses were among the programs we worked on for PNCA. We also curated events at the college, bringing David Carson, Art Chantry, Shawn Wolfe, Alfredo Jaar, and others to the campus.

Services delivered: Content, Branding, Editorial Design, Posters