Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

Capital campaign, brand advertising

Plazm has worked closely with the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) since its inception. Kristy Edmunds founded PICA in 1995 in response to a widening gap in Portland between traditional institutions and emerging alternative work.

Her programming reached across disciplines and engaged a national group of artists with local artistic dialogue. Plazm, already an importer-exporter of Northwest culture, was a natural partner.

PICA and Plazm rose together, sparking a distinctive creative scene in what was then a city largely unknown to outsiders. Today, the city has blossomed, with PICA’s annual TBA Festival leading the charge. The organization also acts as fiscal sponsor for Plazm magazine.


The Campaign for PICA

In the 1990s, Portland’s only contemporary arts organization operated without a permanent home, sometimes programming in disused warehouses. Then PICA was offered a permanent space designed by Brad Cloepfil, in the new Weiden + Kennedy building.

The Campaign for PICA carried a dual purpose: to educate the community and stimulate fundraising for finishing out the space. Donors were targeted at high-end (naming opportunities, etc.), mid-range, and smaller individual contributions.

Plazm used the metaphor of construction throughout the Campaign, always referring to the vision of PICA’s new space. The organization had a very small production budget, providing the Plazm team with big opportunities for creative problem solving.

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