Collection: Posters

Design love

There’s something about a poster—for us at least—that makes it one of the purest forms of design.

Perhaps it’s the tight constraints: A poster must contain a singular image and strong typography. It must make an iconic statement. It must be read from a distance—and when a viewer is inches away.

We’ve made many over the past 28 years. Over 100 of our poster designs are in the permanent collections of the international poster museum based in Switzerland—Plakatsammlung Museum fur Gestaltung Zürich, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Denver Art Museum.

A sampling can be found here.

Keywords: Education, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Public Service, Publishing, Sport

Pull-out poster for Plazm Magazine, issue #29. Design: Linda Reynen. Content collection, organization, and art direction by Plazm.
One sheet posters for the Northwest Filmmakers Festival. See case study for more trailers and posters. Client: NW Film Center.
Japanese magazine IDEA, commissioned us to create something for "Made In America"— their issue focused on American design. We did that and liked it so much we made a 2-sided poster out of it. Through cultural imperialism, America exports guns and gun violence to the rest of the world in movies and other "entertainment" delivery systems—America is perceived, especially in Japan, as a violent place. Our more pernicious and deadly import, however, is fast food. The corporations who create markets for beef, dairy and fried food, particularly in cultures who previously relied on sustainable and healthful nutrition, shoot straight to the heart. The Japanese word for "Supersize" is "Supersize".
Design: Donjiro Ban
Left: Pablo Medina
Design: David Carson
For their Unsafe CD we asked the Alan Jones Sextet to dress in hazmat suits. Photo by Lars Topelmann.